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☎ Do you need help? Call +995 571 48 88 99

Privacy Policy

The administration of the website common-bridge.com is committed to preserving your privacy on the Internet. We attach great importance to the protection of the information you provide. Our privacy policy is based on the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. The purposes for which we collect personal data include improving the functionality of our service, establishing contact with visitors to this website, sending newsletters via email, processing user data for online trading services, providing information requested by users, rendering services related to the activities of this website, and other purposes mentioned below.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

We collect and use your personal data only with your voluntary consent. By consenting, you allow us to collect and use the following information: name, email address, and phone number. The collection and processing of your data adhere to the laws applicable within the European Union and the country of Georgia.

Data Storage, Modification, and Deletion

Users who provide their personal data to the common-bridge.com website have the right to modify and delete their information and can withdraw their consent for its use. The period for which your personal data will be stored is the time required for the core activities of the website. Upon the conclusion of the use of your data, the administration of the website deletes it. To access your personal data, you can contact the website's administration at the following address: COMMON-BRIDGE GROUP, 50 Petre Kavtaradze St. Tbilisi, GEORGIA. We may only transmit your personal data to third parties with your voluntary consent, and if transmitted, we cannot alter the data in other organizations associated with us.

Use of Technical Data during Website Visits

When you visit the common-bridge.com website, records of your IP address, visit time, browser settings, operating system, and other technical information necessary for proper website content display are stored in the database. With this data, it is impossible to identify the visitor's identity.

Information Provided by Children

If you are a parent or guardian and you are aware that your children have provided their personal data to us without your consent, please contact us at .moc.egdirb-nommoc%40ofni It is prohibited on our service to submit the personal data of minors without the consent of parents or guardians.

Use of Cookies

For the proper display of content and to enhance the user experience on the common-bridge.com website, we use cookie files. These are small files stored on your device that help the website remember information about you, such as your language preference and the pages you have previously viewed. This information is beneficial for your subsequent visits to the site. You can configure the acceptance or blocking of cookies in your browser settings. The inability to accept cookies may limit the functionality of the website.

Use of Personal Data by Other Services

This website employs third-party internet services that independently collect information unrelated to us: Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Facebook.com. The data collected by these services may be shared with other services within their organizations, and they may use the data for personalizing their advertising networks. You can read the user agreements of these organizations on their respective websites. You can also opt out of their collection of personal data. We do not share personal data with other organizations and services not mentioned in this privacy policy, except in compliance with legal requirements from authorized government entities.

Links to Other Websites

Our common-bridge.com website may contain links to other websites not operated by us. We are not responsible for their content. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of each website you visit if available.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Our common-bridge.com website may update our privacy policy from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new privacy policy on this page. We monitor changes in the legislation related to personal data within the European Union and Georgia. If you have provided personal data to us, we will inform you of any changes in the privacy policy. If your personal data was entered incorrectly, we will be unable to contact you.

Contact Us

For questions related to the privacy policy, you can contact the administration of the common-bridge.com website at moc.egdirb-nommoc%40ofni or by using the contact form provided in the respective section of this website. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, you should refrain from using the services of the common-bridge.com website, and in that case, you should abstain from visiting our website.