☎ Do you need help? Call +995 571 48 88 99


☎ Do you need help? Call +995 571 48 88 99

CommonBridge LLC


About company

Common Bridge is an international shipment companyproviding transportation of cargo by various means of transportation. We ensure the transportation of your cargo from any port and any destination to your privatewarehouse.

    To ensure that our services are in line with customerneeds and international standards, all business processes and operations of our company are regularly controlled, evaluated, analyzed and continuously developed.

Package cargo transportation

Package cargo transportation is a type of transportation comprising different customers and involving the transportation of small-sized cargo from one direction by one means of transport, being optimal option for the small-sized cargo.
Main destinations:Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan,countries of Central Asia.


How does the system work?


    Selection ofthe route and agreement of terms

The manager will give a consultation, make a commercial offer and select the optimal route and theway of delivery.


    Approval and signing of the contract

The manager will meet youat the desirable time and provide you with the contract or send you all necessary documents through a courier.


    24/7 control

Our managers will carry out a 24/7 control and monitoring of your cargo and, if necessary, solve any problems.


    Cargo delivery

We ensure the safe delivery of the cargo within the agreed period.

Why should you believe us?

Delivery of cargo according to the schedule

To 10 different destinations.

Trackingof cargo

Controlling cargo on-line,with a special application.

Delivery to the address

Premium service
Tailoring to customer needs and the customer-oriented approach is one of the strong sides of our company. We always try to save the customer time and resources by choosing the optimal shipping option

Membersof the WCA

This is an international organization of logistics companies, in which membership is accepted by transport and forwarding companies that have proven themselves as successful and reliable carriers on the international market

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50 Petre Kavtaradze St. Tbilisi, GEORGIA

Phone number

+995 571 48 88 99
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